special thanks to these members of the roaring fork valley community who made this project possible: (aka the STompa SWAT Team!)


JP Strait - Aspen Deconstruction 

Rick Abernethy - Pine's Stone Company

Patrick Johnson - Solar Flair Thermal Systems, Inc.

Chris Dolan - House, Inc.

Sterling Jones - Habitat ReStore, Glenwood Springs

Tony Hamrick - E&H Beamery

Shawn Binion - Bookcliff Survey Services, Inc.

Colleen O'Neil - Glenwood Springs Post Independent

Scott Ely and Steve Haines - Sunsense Solar

Cortney McDougall - Home Interiors

Brook and Rose LeVan - Sustainable Settings

Blake McDonald - Backcountry Chiropractic

Kevin Passmore - Defiant Pack & Upski

Mid Levis - BuildCo Construction

Eric Fisher and Abdi Pirzadeh, Aspen-Built Homes

Steve Edmiston - Evolve Structural Design

Christopher "Whitey" White - Aussie Plumbing and Heating

Chad Ballard - Paradigm LED

Noah Davis - Solar Rollers

Christine Johnson - Orion Entertainment

Beatriz Soto - Green Line Architects

Allyn Harvey

Brent Moss - Brent Moss Photography

Travis Metcalf

Myrna Humphrey

Dante Humphrey

Julia Cochran Novy - Ann Korologos Gallery

Blake Novy

Erik Novy

Hilary, Maia and Zoe Cooper

Rebecca Murray

Ann Brumby

Isla Bright Brumby Nelson

Chris and Sharon Hollis

Aubrey William Hood

Chris Brandt

Lindsay Jones

Ken Keister

Adam and Talon Carballeira

Clinton Johnson

Craig Silberman

Kazzy Saito

Jacques Houot

Ken Van Kesteren

Alan Brandt - http://alanbrandtphoto.com